ALMAZARA 1945 is a 100% family-owned company founded in 2009. Rise up from agricultural experience of Rafael Castro, dedicated to the olive grove and field for more than four decades. Personal and work devotion to the local land and its fruits has set up the company Almazara 1945.

Today, two generations working together to add value to our oil. With the knowledge of our past and the experience we are working on new projects; so us to improve and innovate our product adapted to the market.

Years Rafael Castro has dedicated to land and olive groves. The name of the mill refers to his year of birth: 1945
Number of olive trees cultivated.
Varieties of olive trees. We focus on biodiversity to offer a range of mono-varietal oils for all tastes. Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca, Frantoio, Pico-lemon, Manzanilla and Ocal
The capacity of kilos of oil that is in our oil cellar. We store it in 28 stainless steel tanks under inert nitrogen atmosphere which retains all the properties of the olive oil until bottling
Hectares of land planted with olive trees. The plantation system is 238 trees per hectare, in a frame of 7x6 sqm to optimize the conditions of isolation and aeration of the olive tree.


We care the olive trees like our children. The olive is selected in the field by our expert taster. We collect our olive at the peak ripeness in a way to prevent fruit damage. And it moved directly to the mill to be converted into our "liquid gold". We only bottle our own E.V.O.O. .From the tree to the bottle, in the most natural way.


The aim of excellence moves us to work and be continuously investigating to get the best extra virgin olive oil that we could produce. We control and carry out the whole process from olive cultivation to bottle of the oil.


We have a thorough control of receipt of the olive, identification and selection of each item, temperature controls that certify the cold extraction, humidity controls, times, etc. In order to offer to our customers the HISTORY of the OIL.

Our quality in certificates