Our company philosophy is quite clear: we believe and practice transparency in the production of high quality olive oils and for this reason:
- We only sell the self produced oil and limited exclusively to our harvest.
- We control and carry out the whole process, from olive cultivation to bottle the oil. All of our olive trees have been planted by Rafael Castro.

Production system focuses on quality

Our expert taster select the olives from the our field when they are at their optimum ripeness are collected directly from the tree and moves to the mill.




When the olives arrive to the mill we classified them by varieties, and control them. The process goes on by separating branches and leaves, then we wash the olives, taking care that the olives are totally clean before the extraction process. We care , that the element of the production system in contact with the olives and the oil, are stainless steel and alimentary rubber .


We focus on cold extraction, as essential principle to preserve the properties of a genuine olive oil. After extraction, the oil is decanted naturally in specially designed tanks, which retain aroma and flavor.


In the olive oil cellar, the oil is stored in stainless steel tanks under an inert atmosphere of nitrogen, which retains all its qualities until bottle.

From fields to industry. We also use the criteria of Integrated Production at the mill that allows us the perfect control of traceability.